3 habits in life you should get rid of

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Everyone wants a healthy and financially stable life at the older age. In fact, it is not impossible, you just need to get rid of three things – smoking, drinking, and gambling.


The act of smoking cigarettes alone will not make you poor, unless you are a heavy smoker. The thing that is expensive is the long-term health implications that you may end up requiring lifetime medical treatments.

Smoking is addictive because of the active ingredient, nicotine. Even though some claim that it gives you pleasure and reduce anxiety, a regular cigarette contains not less than 7,000 chemicals, many of which are highly toxic. No matter which variations of smoking (low tar, low nicotine, e-cigarettes, or vape pens), none of these are healthier than the others.


Smoking is a bad habit

Cigarette smoking is well-known to cause illnesses such as lung diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), oral cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Studies have also reported that long-term exposure to second-hand smoke also causes stroke, coronary heart disease, and lung cancer in adults; while in children, it causes acute respiratory infections, severe asthma, respiratory symptoms, impaired lung development, and sudden infant death syndrome.


Even though a stick of cigarette may seem cheap, its addictiveness will make you smoke one after another. The money that you spend on a cigarette can make up to an enormous sum over a long period. Therefore, instead of spending money on cigarette, save up the money consistently for the long term, it will eventually grow to a significant sum for better purposes. 


Drinking (alcohol)

Many believe drinking alcohol can stimulate brain to release happy hormones that make you feel pleasure, relaxed, and calm. Which makes it a popular anxiolytic and stress-reliever. However, alcohol is expensive and of no nutritional value.

Drinking alcohol is a bad habit

Over-consumption of alcohol is known as alcohol abuse. The immediate effects of being drunk include:

  • Confusion of judgment
  • Affect coordination (blurred vision, drowsiness and disorientation)
  • Vomiting, reduction of breathing and heart rate
  • Slowed reflexes and senses

Which is why operating machinery and driving being the top most dangerous things to do when you are drunk. The chances of you getting into an accident are very high.


Alcohol abuse also causes many long-term health risks, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, liver damage, dementia, depression, and anxiety. Apart from the health risks, it also causes social problems, such as family violence, gang fights, and sexual assaults. Which could lead to criminal offences, fine and imprisonment.


Gambling is wagering your money and hoping to get a higher return. It is extremely addictive. When you win, you feel like it is your lucky day, and you will bet more. When you lose, you want to try one last time to recover your losses. Much to your surprise, the more you try, the more you lose, and you get sucked down the rabbit hole.

You may have a secret winning formula, a strong hunch, a lucky day, an insider news. Whatever it is, stop immediately and cut your losses! Ask yourself before you bet, how much money are you prepared to lose? Once you lose all the money in your pocket, are you willing to walk away?
Gambling addiction is a bad habit

Instead of wagering your money on an uncertain outcome, you might as well save and accumulate it for something more useful in the future. Stay away from casinos and betting booths. For one person to win, many will have to lose. What are the chances of you being the chosen one?


You may get instant gratifications from smoking, drinking, or an adrenaline spike from gambling, these feelings will not last. Chasing after the sensation will eventually turn into addiction. Addiction will bring serious impacts to your health and wealth.


If you are serious about kicking the habits, there are many helplines and support groups available in your country. Once you call the helpline, a professionally trained coach or counsellor will guide you through the recovery journey. Rest assured that your personal information is kept private and confidential.


Examples of helplines in Singapore:

While you are on the road to recovery, be aware and prepared for withdrawal syndrome. The symptoms can be anything from changes in mood, fatigue, irritability, restlessness, and many more. The intensity and duration of the symptoms vary depending on the levels of your addiction. To ease the withdrawal symptoms, sometimes you need the help of prescribed medications, coping support, and the right distractions.


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