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In previous blogs, we talked about the unhealthy diet that you should cut down, these are the salt, oil, sugar, we call it S.O.S. Over-consuming these 3 things will lead you and your family to many chronic health conditions, such as heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and so forth.


Aside from knowing what to reduce, in this and upcoming series, we will look into the various healthy diet plans and what we should eat more for better health. 


Why do you eat?

First of all, have you ever wondered why do you eat? There could be several reasons:

  1. Have the feeling of fullness. To make and store energy for your daily activities.
  2. Balanced nutrition for better health. For you to live healthily and free from illnesses.
  3. Try out exotic food that are not native to your country. To experience the different taste, and culinary art of a foreign culture.
  4. Appreciate the quality, formality, dining ambient. For example, fine dining.
  5. To spend quality time with your loved ones and friends.
Healthy foods by the beach

What constitutes healthy diet?

To achieve good health through healthy eating, you need to be mindful on 3 things:

  • Right quantity of the nutritious foods
  • Wide variety of healthy foods
  • Regularity of consuming the same type of foods

The Healthy Plates

To make healthy eating more fun and attractive, nutritionists or dietitians have introduced several versions of healthy plate in schools and communities. In this example, you will see healthy plate from United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore.
Healthy plate versions

There is no definite answer as to which healthy plate is the best. It all depends on personal diet preferences and cultural backgrounds. The important thing is to adhere to one and follow it for a period of time to see the results.


You can download a copy of the above Healthy Plates summary or click the links below to read more.

  1. Food Pyramid
  2. MyPlate
  3. Eatwell Plate
  4. Eatwell Guide
  5. Healthy Eating Plate
  6. My Healthy Plate


In future blogs, we will go through some popular diet plans, such as ketogenic diet, low-calorie diet, DASH diet, Atkins diet, Mediterranean diet, and so on.


For now, if you are unsure which diet plan fits you better, let’s not worry too much. Start with the easiest and fundamental of all, i.e. low S.O.S. (Salt-Oil-Sugar) and healthy plate.

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