Activities to train a sharper mind

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Many elderly people are experiencing social isolation especially during these few years of COVID pandemic. Various factors are leading to social isolation including chronic illnesses, poor relationship with family members, physical disabilities, limited social connectedness, mobility difficulties, unemployment, and exposure to domestic or community violence.


All these can greatly affect their mental and overall well-being. In view of the potential problems, it is important that you start paying close attention to these issues. At the very least, you can engage daily activities to sharpen your mind and improve quality of life.


The 4 D.O.S.E. of happy hormones

You can easily boost your hormone levels by doing different activities:

  • Dopamine
    The achievement hormone that can be boosted by completing a task, eating favourite food, winning a race, doing something you enjoy.
  • Oxytocin
    Oxytocin is the relationship hormone that you can gain from spending quality time with people, pets, an intimate relationship, appreciating someone or being appreciated.
  • Serotonin
    The mood-calming hormone can be built on physical activities such as exercising, walking in nature, meditating, swimming, and so forth.
  • Endorphins
    Endorphins is the distraction hormone. You can have more of this hormone by doing self-indulgent activities. For example, watching comedy, listening to music, engaging a hobby, and many more.

Activities that stimulate your brain

Many of the activities you would need strategy to compete or complete. Training your brain to think strategically or memorise a formula would help to build your brain power.

Sudoku is a fun game
Mahjong is a popular game
Rubik's cube is so fun
Rubik's cube
Board game

Some activities are good for stimulating your brain, but they require you to have some knowledge to begin with.

Crossword puzzle requires good command of English
Crossword puzzle
Scrabble is a family game

Activities that improve your mood

There are also other activities that not too challenging, you would only require some “Me-time”. Performing these activities can help to calm your mood and boost the happy hormones.

Jigsaw puzzle
Practising calligraphy
Keeping a pet
Tai Chi Quan and older adults


Some of these activities can be done alone, and some are better to do in a group or with family members. These activities not only train your brain and patience, many of these also strengthen your bonding with family and friends. Ultimately, you will realise the importance of growing and expanding your social circle that have huge impact on your overall well-being. You may want to revisit our earlier blog on the improvised Snakes and Ladders game that teaches you on living a healthy life.


Start cultivating a hobby now, it is never too late to start whatever age you are. The importance is to have a life-long learning mentality and you will have an exciting and fulfilling older age.


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